Vanga: «Election« black »president would destroy the U.S.»

It turns out that a well-known pythoness managed to predict the outcome of presidential elections in the U.S. the 2008th year. On that same predicted pythoness, opinions differ, but they are united in one thing: that is exactly what Vanga called the victory «black» rights.

Vanga predicted that the 44 th President of the United States (ie, the next after George W. Bush - Prim. Ed.) Will be black, and the president will it last, because then America freeze or get into a major economic crisis. Perhaps even disintegrate in the southern and northern states.

Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens

Footage from Turkey UFO clearly shows alien occupants. Analyzed by Dr Roger Leir.

Dr. Roger Leir Biography:
Dr. Roger Leir, author of “Aliens and the Scalpel,” has been said to be one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed nine surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of ten separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. Dr. Leir anticipates performing more surgeries in the future and will investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called “A & S Research Inc.”


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Unusual Crater in Mars with a strange 'fluid-like' appearance

ESA's Mars Express has imaged an area to the south of the famed Valles Marineris canyon on the Red Planet, showing a wide range of tectonic and impact features.
On 17 April, the orbiter pointed its high-resolution stereo camera at the Melas Dorsa region of Mars. This area sits in the volcanic highlands of Mars between Sinai and Thaumasia Plana, 250 km south of Melas Chasma. Melas Chasma itself is part of the Valles Marineris rift system.

The image captures wrinkle ridges, some unusual intersecting faults and an elliptical crater surrounded by ejecta in the shape of a butterfly and with a strange 'fluid-like' appearance.
Elliptical craters like this 16 km-wide example are formed when asteroids or comets strike the surface of the planet at a shallow angle.

Scientists have suggested that a fluidized ejecta pattern indicates the presence of subsurface ice which melted during the impact. Subsequent impacts have created a number of smaller craters in the ejecta blanket.
The rim of another large crater is visible in the upper center part of the image, but it appears mostly to have been almost buried during some distant epoch by volcanic dust and ash.

This makes any detailed study of it almost impossible. However, its center shows concentric deposits that could provide insights into the composition of the volcanic material that buried it.
Several wrinkle ridges can be seen across the image. These form when horizontal compression forces in the crust pushes the crust upwards.

To the left, the ridges are bisected by crustal displacement faults. These have cut into the ridges and the surrounding surface at some later epoch. This highlights the different tectonic phases responsible the formation of this region. SOURCE: ESA

АК-12: the New Upgraded Kalashnikov rifle presented

New AK-12 (Kalashnikov model 2012) is a promising development concern Izhmash. The main feature of the new AK-12 is enhanced ergonomics weapons in comparison to its predecessors - the AK-74 AK-74M, AKM.

AK-12 has good ergonomics and modern sights, barrel, higher quality, softer work of automation, the ability to use it in automatic rounds of various types, installation perspective grenade launchers. In the case of a wounded soldier, or if the other hand is busy with something, he would still be able to produce with a gun all the necessary operations - switch fuse, distort and change the shutter shop. In the Kalashnikov AK-12 automatic used with a long stroke gas piston, rotating bolt. However, the bolt group and trigger mechanism were substantially improved. New AK-12 has a collapsible, adjustable in length, as well as the height of cheek, telescopic plastic butt. In addition, the central axis of the barrel AK-12 is in line with the butt, like assault rifles scheme AR-15 / M16, which reduces the recoil shoulder and eventually increases the accuracy of fire, compared to the AK-74.


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Restriction of Apple products in Iran 'pointless' say vendors

Vendors of Apple products in Iran scoffed at media reports that the consumer technology giant was banning US sales to customers of Iranian background.
Vendors of Apple products in Iran on Saturday scoffed at US media reports that the consumer technology giant was banning US sales to customers of Iranian background, pointing out that iPads and iPhones are widely available in Tehran.
One salesman who gave only his first name, Hossein, told AFP that he had sold 40 iPhones the day before, and explained that prices for Apple items in Iran were only around $50-$60 more than in the US.

Traders were easily getting around US sanctions on the export of popular electronic items to Iran, he said.

“All Apple products are smuggled into Iran. Before, it was mainly from Dubai and European countries, but now we can get all we need from Iraq,” he said.

“We have all of Apple’s products.”

Iranian media noted reports from the US that a young American woman of Iranian descent, who was speaking Farsi with her uncle, was barred from buying an iPad from an Apple store in the US state of Georgia. She reportedly wanted to send the iPad to Iran as a gift to cousin.

Restriction is pointless
That falls foul of a US ban on sending tech products, such as computers and satellite telephones, to Iran without authorisation from the US Treasury Department.
But salesmen in Tehran said the restriction is pointless, given the unimpeded offer of Apple and other US brand electronics. Several shops are even dressed up to look like official Apple Stores.

In the US, the National Iranian American Council issued a statement calling on Apple “to take immediate steps” to make sure the US sanctions do not discriminate against Iranian-Americans and Iranians in the US.

When asked about the issue last Thursday, US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said there was “no US policy or law that prohibits Apple or any other company from selling products in the United States to anybody who’s intending to use the product in the United States, including somebody of Iranian descent or an Iranian citizen.”

But, she added: “If you do want to take high-technology goods to Iran, you need a licence.” – Sapa-AFP

Russian girls go cycling.

Girls of Russian city Samara went cycling to arrange a big holiday for themselves, but it turned out it was even a bigger holiday of the men of the city.


One Russian governor uses three iPhones at once and is often being photoed with his collection.

The reason behind this stays unclear.


Jeans Solve First World Problem With See-Through Smartphone Pocket

Ever wanted to see who’s calling but were too lazy to reach into your pocket? Yeah, life can be hard sometimes.
So that’s why we’re 100% behind the DELTA415 Wearcom™ jeans. Instead of putting your hand all the way into your pocket, you can just unzip a flap of material and reveal a plastic screen through which you can see your phone.
Yes, you can even use your device while it’s still in the pocket, and there’s a special hole through which you can thread your earphone or mic. No, it’s not limited to the iPhone; any 3″ X 5″ or less device will fit.
It’s $160 for the pair, although it appears to be limited to people of more moderate proportions as the largest waist size is 38.